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How To Kick Start A Motorcycle

How To Kick Start A Motorcycle

How To Kick Start A Motorcycle. Kick start is a method of starting an internal combustion engine (usually that of a motorcycle) by pushing a ratcheting lever with one's foot. This seems obvious, but make sure the key/switch is on if your vintage kicker has one.

How To Kick Start A MotorcycleHow To Kick Start A Motorcycle
Motorcycle Kick Start Twin Engine Triumph Bonneville from

On motorcycles, there are two ways to fire up the engine: Most kick start bikes will require you to prime the engine: I dedicate this to the teen who's stuck in boringville and has a party to go to and her or his only ride is the old bike in the shed out back.

A Bike Will Not Start Without The Key/Switch In The On Position.

Make sure you are in neutral and the gas is on. Also pay attention to factors like compression release, carburetors, and throttle bodies, as they can all impact the best way to approach your motorcycle. When you kickstart, you kick the lever, which forces the engine to ignite the fuel.

You May Have To Hold The Button For A Few Seconds If The Battery Is Weak Or The Engine Is Cold.

A dead battery means a dysfunctional electric starter. Kick start bikes are more reliable in times such as motorcycle races or rides under the rain. And in case if your motorcycle doesn’t start after this, try repeating all the steps from step 1 to 9 until your motorcycle finally.

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Most Kick Start Bikes Will Require You To Prime The Engine:

This action equally rotates the crankshaft, producing similar action as mentioned above to fire the engine when you kick the lever. You depress the start lever until it has resistance. This seems obvious, but make sure the key/switch is on if your vintage kicker has one.

Follow Through On Your Kick.

If you have a center stand this is oftentimes the most stable resting position to kick start a motorcycle. All engines fire before top dead center. Always follow through with the kick stroke to the bottom and wait for the engine to cycle through to prevent a kickback.

On An Electric Start, An Electric Current Is Combined With The Wiring And It.

Different motorcycles start in different ways, some have keys that start them, some have button push start and some have kick start or. Then with a brisk movement kick the lever through, and if you had the throttle set right, the engine will start and run. Turn the kickstarter pedal out from its collapsed position.